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Intermediate Blacksmithing Classes

This class is for students who have some prior experience in blacksmithing basics. We will cover more advanced versions of bending, twisting and joinery as well as decorative elements. Forge welding, tempering and metallurgy relevant to the blacksmith will also be covered. Students will get hands on practice through several small projects they will take home. Classes are held on weekends and cost $265 per person. All tools and materials are included as well as lunches.

Classes are planned for the following dates. Space is limited, so please contact us to register.

Upcoming Class Dates:

No classes set for the current semester. However, private classes can be scheduled for individuals or groups. Contact if interested.

Pure 90 Degree Bend

Pineapple Twist

Mortise and Tenon Joint

Forge Welded Basket Twist

Heat Treated Chisel