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The first wave has hit. 90% population losses. Dead bodies and zombies everywhere. The grid is down. You 6 have managed to survive and are now new best friends. You find a junk yard to hide out in. It's outside of city limits, a chain link fence for perimeter, a stream nearby offering water, and of course lots of scrap metal. You need to make fire, cook food and forge weapons.

Broken Hammer Forge is pleased to offer our Zombie Blacksmithing weekend. This class teaches some primitive survival skills, basic blacksmithing and bladesmithing in the form of a zombie sword. This class is the real deal. Most 'zombie' blacksmith classes are actually glorified knife courses. This class actually is designed around the ever so popular mental exercise of "what if they were real."

The registration fee is $385.

Classes are planned for the following dates. Space is limited, so please contact us to register.

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No classes set for the current semester. However, private classes can be scheduled for individuals or groups. Contact if interested.